gold chain t bar necklace

18ct Yellow Gold T Bar Chain Necklace

18ct Solid Gold (750)


A beautiful necklace with a versatile design. The 18ct Yellow Gold T Bar Chain Necklace is perfect for when you want to wear it in two different ways, and have the option of being bold or subtle depending on your style; be unconventional yet classic at once by wearing this piece alongside all other elements from head-to-toe! You can choose between the mirror finish (perfectly elegant) or diamond cut (more daring), whichever suits best how YOU wish to complement YOUR day.) Be bold & gorgeous—compliment yourself like never before!) This timeless staple will always look good no matter what trends come next.


18 Carat Gold (750)

Metal Type

18ct Yellow Gold


Length: 18inch
Adjustable: 16,17,18inch
Bar Size: Width – 35mm, Height 1.5 mm




Our 18ct solid gold (750) jewellery is made to last. Gold, being the least reactive metal does not discolour or oxidize. Enjoy wearing your Auric jewellery pieces every day and anywhere.

Create New Traditions with Solid Gold

The uniqueness of every piece is the hallmark of our jewellery. Using 18ct Solid Gold, we create understated aesthetics gold jewellery for women.

What is the definition of “solid gold“? 18ct Gold Jewellery is defined as “solid gold” if there are 18 parts of pure gold to 6 parts other alloys, with a hallmark stamp of 750 on the jewellery.

18ct Solid Gold jewellery for women
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