Women's Fine 18ct Gold Jewellery

Express yourself in a personal way that inspires confidence with original designs in 18ct yellow gold, rose gold and white gold.

Gold Bracelets

Crafted in 18ct Gold and Rose Gold to encapsulate your style

Gold Earrings

The perfect pair of gold earrings for all occasions

Auric Jewellery Collection

A timeless collection of our favorite 18ct gold jewellery.

Our Bestsellers

The Perfect Gift

A collection of precious gold jewellery that is nothing short of perfect for under £250.

Most Popular Birthday Gold Gifts

A special gift that they cant forget.

Fashionable Pendants

A distinctive style that reflects the magnificence of the wearer.

Our Story

Founded on an inspiration that comes from love for fine jewellery
and a desire to create unique pieces to lead to the creation of Auric Jewellery.