18ct Gold Jewellery
Made to last a life time.

never Plated. Never Vermeil

About Auric Jewellery

Auric was founded by Sonika to make real gold jewellery accessible to everyone. Her love for precious metals, optimism, and travel inspired her to create Auric Jewellery. Each piece of fine jewellery is made to be kept, worn, cherished, and handed down to generations. Forever is the ultimate in the sustainability of all time, not just for a season.

18ct Solid Gold Jewellery With Benefits


18ct Solid Gold

Our exquisite 75% pure solid gold jewellery piece is not just a beautiful accessory, but also an investment.


Made to Last - Heirloom Pieces 

Real 18ct Gold Jewellery that does not tarnish, discolour or turn black/green and lasts a lifetime to become part of your heirloom.

8ct Solid Gold Jewellery For Women By Auric Jewellery


Recycled Solid Gold Designs

Designs that are perfect for everyday wear, while the recycled gold makes it a sustainable choice.


Made for Every Skin

18ct Solid Gold is one of the most hypoallergenic materials, which makes it a perfect choice even for those with sensitive skin.

Share your love story 

with someone special; let our jewellery tell yours.

Golden Graduation Gifts For Her​

What better way to show your appreciation than with a gift that will last a lifetime?

Special Birthday gifts for Her

Whether she prefers delicate pieces or statement jewellery, we are sure to have the perfect piece for her.

Why 18ct Solid Gold Jewellery is the best investment you will ever make

Comparing 18ct Solid Gold to 18ct Gold
Comparing 18ct Solid Gold to 18ct Gold JEWELLERY

We make each piece in 18ct Solid Gold.
Never Plated. Never Vermeil.


Our 18ct Fine Gold jewellery containing 75% pure fine gold alongside beautiful designs you can wear anytime; these pieces have been made so they’ll last a lifetime! 

Why people love us

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