Luxury Gold Jewellery for Women in
18 Carat Real Gold

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Did you know that a piece of jewellery must have a legal hallmark stamp of 750 to be labelled  “18ct Solid Gold“?
Learn what Solid Gold is vs Other metals labelled as ‘Gold’.

18ct Solid Gold jewellery for women

golden graduation gifts for Her

What better way to show your appreciation than with a gift that will last a lifetime?

Special Birthday gifts for Her

Whether she prefers delicate pieces or statement jewellery, we are sure to have the perfect piece for her.
Womens Fine Solid Gold Jewellery
Solid Gold Jewellery for women by Auric Jewellery, UK


We believe that everyone should shine and feel worry-free when they wear jewellery, so we create luxury jewellery from 100% recycled solid gold- which is ecological and socially responsible. So feel your best every day!
Pendants and Rings for Women- Auric Jewellery, UK


Gold is where the love is, which flows in our lifeline but without the high markups. Sourcing our gold allows us to keep our operations in-house and produce jewellery without having to pay for extra inventory costs, so you can enjoy luxury in real gold. 

18ct Solid Gold Jewellery for Women- Auric Jewellery, UK


Solid Gold jewellery’s key element is pure gold. We only use finest luxury 18ct solid gold, as the ratio of pure gold to other alloys is much higher; it has 750 solid gold parts from 1000 parts of pure gold – Our jewellery is never plated, vermeil, or filled.


We believe in the power of design to withstand whatever life throws your way. Each piece is made for a lifetime, to tell a story, show your identity and make your signature no matter who it is passed down to.

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