18ct Gold Bracelets

  • Gold T Bar Bracelet Womens18ct Yellow Gold T-bar bracelet
  • 18ct T bar Bracelet Gold for Women18ct Gold Bracelet T-Bar
  • Gold Turquoise Bracelet18ct Gold Turquoise Bracelet
  • Cali Rose Flower 18ct Rose Gold Chain Bracelet
  • Aria Turquoise 18ct Gold Cuff Bracelet18ct Yellow Gold Cuff Bracelet
  • Auric Four-leaf Clover 18ct Gold Chain Bracelet in Pearl
  • Auric Maya Pearl Flower 18ct Gold Chain Bracelet
  • Cali Rose Infinity 18ct Rose Gold Chain Bracelet
  • Noemi Capri Leaf 18ct Gold Chain BraceletNoemi Capri Leaf 18ct Gold Chain Bracelet On A Models Wrist
  • Butterfly Gemstone 18ct Gold Chain Bracelet
  • Infinity 18ct Chain Bracelet
  • Aria 18ct Yellow Gold Love Heart BraceletAria Galaxy 18ct Yellow Gold Chain Bracelet
  • Auric 18ct Rose Gold Ball BraceletAuric 18ct Rose Gold Ball Bracelet
  • Auric Maya Maw Flower 18ct Gold Chain Bracelet
  • Gia Oval 18ct Gold Chain Bracelet
  • Infinity Gemstones 18ct Chain BraceletInfinity 18ct Chain Bracelet
  • Gift wrapping Auric Jewellery
  • Infinity Peral 18ct Gold Bangle
  • Gift wrapping Auric Jewellery
  • Noemi Double Aira 18ct Gold Chain BraceletGift wrapping Auric Jewellery
  • Auric Signature 18ct Rose Gold Hinged BangleAuric Rose Gold Sterling Silver Hinged Bangle
  • Noemi Umi Butterfly Cluster 18ct Gold Chain Bracelet18ct Butterfly Yellow Gold Bracelet
  • Heart 18ct Gold Chain BraceletGift wrapping Auric Jewellery

Choosing the perfect 18ct Gold Bracelet for Women is easy when you’re spoilt with choice. From our jewellery box to yours, we offer a range of bracelets that will suit your style and personality – whether it’s day or night! Our team have meticulously sourced precious metals including yellow gold, rose gold and white gold so there really is something to match every occasion. We also have all-time favourites such as chain bracelets, cuffs & bangles available in an array of shapes; from sleek & minimalist designs through to delicate flowers embellishments on each piece ensuring everyone can find their own statement bracelet.

What colours are trending right now for 18ct gold bracelet?

18ct gold bracelets are always trending in the most popular tones of gold -yellow, rose, and white gold. There’s an option out there for every preference! You can go bold with Yellow Gold, feminine in Rose Gold, and understated with White Gold. Each type has its own unique qualities, but the 18ct gold bracelet offers a timeless classic that is always in style.

The 18ct gold bracelets with yellow gold are not just for adding a pop of golden hue to any outfit, they also have an understated elegance that can be worn in many different settings without overpowering the look.

The 18 carat rose gold bracelet for women is considered to be the perfect option for those who want a more delicate and elegant style, without losing any of their feminine charms! It also captures all the beauty in the shades of pink that are used in this precious metal.

The 18 carat white gold bracelet is a great choice for women who want to wear their jewellery pieces to have an antique or vintage feel to them.

Friendship Bracelets For Someone Special​​

From a selection of chic pieces to unique and bold bracelets for the woman who wants something out-of-the-ordinary. With our 18ct gold friendship bracelet collection, you can find that perfect gift or treat yourself to an elegant piece of jewellery that is both stylish and personalised with your choice.

Celebrate the season with a gift that she will love for years to come. Whether you are shopping for your mom, daughter, sister or grandma we have stunning pieces of jewellery sure to fit her style and personality; from bracelets all the way down to 18ct gold chains.

Why buy an 18ct Solid Gold Bracelet for her?

18ct Solid Gold Bracelet is the perfect gift for a woman who has it all. What better way to show her how much you care than with this luxury piece? When looking for luxury Christmas gifts or birthday presents, be sure that she will love wearing your special bracelet alone or stacking other bracelets along with yours!

The details of the bracelets were carefully selected to capture a deeper meaning. We want women who wear these stylish 18ct Solid Gold bracelets to know that they can mix and match hues of yellow, white and rose gold with anything!

18ct Solid Gold Bracelets

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