Types of Gold Chain Designs for Women

Learn how to style different types of Gold Chains which are designed for the everyday women. The question very often we get asked is ‘where to start’ – we’ll we like to say don’t be afraid by creating your one-of-a-kind layer. Stack with solid yellow gold, white gold or rose gold chain necklaces for a pop of colour, everyday versatility

Each of our 18ct gold chain necklace pieces are made to be mixed, layered, and stacked, giving you a multitude of styles to choose from. While each piece is a stand-alone classic with its own unique story, we’re sure it won’t be long before you come up with your own story to tell, all while you add a golden touch to your look. Our ‘How to Style Chains’ guide is the perfect place to start when pairing any two pieces in our collection together.

Classic with an edge Snake Gold Chain Necklace

We often get asked ‘are 18ct snake chains strong?’ – well the the name says it all, snake chain style is the most strong and enduring design style. The chain is made by tightly fitting small rings. The closely fitted rings give the chain appearance of a snake’s skin, hence the name.  Snake chains are very flexible and are sleek with a twist, the ultimate hook up to your layering. After all, they are our best sellers when it comes to gifting especially on birthdays and valentines gifts selection for her. 
Snake Gold Chain Necklaces for women
Yellow Gold Cable Gold Chain Necklaces for women

Popular Cable Gold Chain Design

The yellow gold cable chain design is the most basic and common of all chains. It generally resembles typical iron chains as it consists of a series of inter-connected identical oval links. Brighten up your favorite T-shirt with this delicate chain. Mix and match your own 18ct gold chains necklace with a selection of pendants to create your own bespoke statement necklace. 

You can layer the short cable chain alongside other chains such as the snake chain or freshwater pearl links. With so many ways to wear it, choose a gemstone but keep the pendant simple, so it doesn’t compete with your chosen chain.

What makes 18ct Box Gold Chain necklace different for women?

Box chains consist of dainty square links which gives the chain its boxy look. Solid Box gold chains are ideal if you are looking for a minimalist appeal. Pair it with solitaire necklaces for a minimalist look or layer it up and add different shapes and lengths for an edgy, layered look. Not too bold, not too narrow, the perfect delicate 18ct yellow gold chain. 

Types of Gold Chain Necklaces Designs for Women
Wheat Gold Chain Necklaces

Famous Spiga or Wheat Gold Chain Necklaces

Wheat gold chains consist of strands of twisted oval links delicately woven together. Its knitted pattern gives the chain a soft golden braid look,  making it minimalist for everyday women. Strong and durable, they’ll last year after year. The 18ct Wheat Gold Chain Necklaces are made so you can wear them in any direction, layered up with your favourite chains or on their own for a more pared back look.  So, spoil yourself with our handpicked selection of wheat gold chains in 18ct solid yellow gold, rose gold necklace chains and white gold..

Chic yet versatile, Yellow Gold Trace Chain Necklaces

If minimalist is your style then the trace gold chains for women are perfect. The solid chain features striking small oval-shaped ring links. Create your minimalist look by adding dainty solid gold pendants to this type of yellow gold trace chain. However, why not wear it solo or add more layers of different tones of gold and type of chains for the ultimate statement to your trace chain necklace.

Yellow Gold Trace Chain Necklaces
18ct Belcher Gold Chains For Women

Take a mix and match approach with Belcher Chains- rose or white gold?

If you like styling it chunky but keeping it light around the neck then Belcher gold chains design will become your staple to wear everyday , these types of chains are also known as rolo necklace chains (famously called in italy). The broad D-section gold links on this necklace is substantial enough to make heads turn. Belcher gold chains has always been a popular necklace design in the fashion world. We can tell you for certain that it is bound to bring out the best in any outfit, from classic and sexy to edgy and classy. Whether you are dressing casually or going out on the town, this chain is sure to compliment any outfit

Give your neckline look a unique spin with Oval link white gold chains

Want to make a statement? Start with an oval link solid gold chain.  Oval link solid gold chain necklaces are similar to belcher chains however they are made in an oval shape links.  Solid Gold oval link chains are popular in yellow gold and white gold because of its simplicity – make it your signature necklace piece to say what you mean.

18ct Solid Gold Oval link chains

Minimalist in design, but bold in its impact - Shop Our collection of solid gold chains

  • 18ct Yellow Gold 16inch Trace Chain Necklace
  • 18ct Yellow Gold 18inch Trace Chain Necklace
  • 18ct Solid White Gold Belcher Chain
  • 18ct Rose Gold Spiga Wheat Chain Necklace

What alloys do we use to make our Gold Chain Necklaces for Women?

Our 18ct gold chains and necklaces are made from solid gold. In fact, our entire range of gold chains is made from 18ct solid gold, which means that it’s 18 parts pure fine gold to 6 parts of other alloys (these alloys can be copper, manganese, palladium, and/or silver). This ensures that our fine jewellery won’t tarnish or fade over time, even with cleaning and day-to-day wear. We care deeply about the craftsmanship we put into each of our products, sourcing the finest gold and gems from around the world.

Learn more What is 18ct Gold on our blog.

Our gold jewellery is designed by us and made to last. Choose your favourite piece to wear every day and anywhere.
Gold Chain Necklaces designs for women
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