Types of Gold Chain Designs for Women

Gold chains are a staple in any woman’s jewellery collection. They’re an investment that will never go out of style, and you can wear them with anything outfit, any season – anytime.

The question we often get asked is, “where to start?” We like to say don’t be afraid by creating your one-of-a-kind layer. Stack with yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold chains for a pop of colour everyday versatility.

Gold chains come in all shapes and lengths, so it can be hard to know where to start when you’re looking for one. Let us break down the different styles available and their design benefits.

18ct Snake Chains: The Strongest and Durable Design Style

The gold snake chain is the most enduring and robust design style. It’s made by tightly fitting small rings, giving it a sleek skin-like appearance that inspired its name! Snake chains are very flexible and can withstand any twisting or pulling you might do to them. Let us talk about the styling after all they are our popular style which we can’t seem to keep in stock!

The snake chain looks fantastic alone or layered with other chains. The snake chain would look wonderful on a white t-shirt and blue jeans outfit, or add it with your minimalist maxi dress for those long summer days when worn alone. If you’re going to layer it with other chains, try to wear different thicknesses and textures to create a visually interesting look. You can also mix metals to create an eclectic style.

Snake Gold Chain Necklaces for women
Yellow Gold Cable Gold Chain Necklaces for women

Popular Cable Gold Chain Design

The yellow gold cable chain design is the most common and essential of all chains. It generally resembles other iron chains as it consists of a series of uniform oval links that are inter-connected like typical designs. However, adding a solid gold pendant is key for adding personality to these simplistic designs. Wear 18k gold chains with workwear dress, bridesmaid dress or even at the beach as they are so light and straightforward you would not even notice it’s on.

Gold jewellery is one of the most elegant accents for any outfit, and adding in more than just a necklace can really make it pop. Pairing an 18ct gold pendant with a fine chains gold bracelet that matches the design will give your look some personality. To bring in some other accent pieces like small stud earrings to another part of your body, you’ll be well equipped!

18ct Box Gold Chain Necklace: What Makes It Stand Out

You may not have heard of this type of chain before, but we’re here to tell you that it’s worth looking into. Solid Gold box chains are a unique take on the traditional chain necklace that is loved for its simplistic look and feel. This specific style has an 18ct finish which means they’re made with eighteen-carat solid gold, polished to perfection, and don’t contain any nickel or other allergens that can cause irritation to your skin. They come in two different sizes: 16″ and 20″. The links in these chains are dainty and square which gives them their beautiful boxy appearance. If you’re looking for something minimalistic yet still eye-catching, we highly recommend this chain.

Types of Gold Chain Necklaces Designs for Women
Wheat Gold Chain Necklaces

The Details about Wheat Gold Chains

When you want to make a statement, wheat gold chains are the perfect option. These strands of twisted oval links delicately woven together for a beautiful piece of jewellery that is both stylish and practical will never go out of style. And nothing does it better than solid 18ct yellow gold jewellery for women when wanting to add a little extra to their jewellery box.

Wheat gold chains are also available in 18ct rose / pink gold and 18ct white gold, in long and short lengths. 

Say Hello to Yellow Gold Trace Chain Necklaces

The trace solid chain for women features small oval-shaped ring links. This simple design is sophisticated enough for a work meeting but versatile enough to wear out with friends on the weekend too! Do your wrists and ears some justice by pairing it up with matching pieces like from our edit of solid gold bracelet or gold earrings design made for women.  Shop trace chain in our 18ct Gold chain collection.

Yellow Gold Trace Chain Necklaces
18ct Belcher Gold Chains For Women

Take a mix and match approach with Belcher Chains- rose or white gold?

Belcher gold chain design is a vintage-inspired design going back to the 1860s. They come in various lengths, sizes and hues of yellow, white gold and rose gold.

You must be wondering why this design is called is belcher chain? The gold Belcher chain is a flat chain that wraps in loops back onto itself several times before linking together into one loop on the other end. There is an open area between each link that resembles rolling waves when viewed from above or below – hence the name “Belchers.”

Curious about styling an 18ct gold belcher chain? Let it be stripes, floral top, or loungewear for an elegant daytime or evening outwear this solo and enjoy the compliments.

Give your neckline look a unique spin with Oval link white gold chains

Oval link chains are made of oval-shaped links that are connected together. They are popular with women and we make them from 18k solid gold, meaning they are sustainable fashion.
There are a couple of ways to style oval-link chains. One way is to wear them long, straight down the front of your dress or top.You can also wrap them around your wrist a few times for a delicate bracelet look.
18ct Solid Gold Oval link chains

What alloys do we use to make our Gold Chain Necklaces for Women?

We only use the highest quality gold at Auric Jewellery. 18ct Solid Gold is made up of 18 parts pure fine gold and 6 parts other alloys (copper, manganese, palladium, and/or silver). This makes the gold very strong and durable. Our fine jewellery is designed to not tarnish or fade over time, even with cleaning and day-to-day wear. Auric jewellery offers an incredible variety of designs to appeal to a wide range of tastes.

The best part about these 18ct solid gold chains? They never take them off! It’s the perfect signature piece for that true fashionista. These pieces are not only made to last, but they’re also very stylish and can be easily gifted on her birthday, anniversary or wedding. Our popular necklaces like Evil Eye Necklace and Link Pendant Chain Necklace in solid gold is popular choice to be gifted. 


The best part about these 18ct solid gold chains? They never take them off! It’s the perfect signature piece for that true fashionista. These items are not only built to last, but they’re also very beautiful. You can give them as a gift on her birthday, anniversary, or wedding day. The Link Pendant Chain Necklace and the Evil Eye Necklace are two of our most popular products. They’re ideal for layering necklaces if you want to stack with one of these chain designs. 

Gold Chain Necklaces designs for women
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