How and What Makes Sustainable Gold Jewellery?

Sustainability is important in all industries. This blog post will talk about how and what makes sustainble gold jewellery. Sustainability works in the jewellery industry, and what we can do to work towards this goal. There are many different ways of being sustainable this can be about the environment and its resources. We will explore some ways that we can help you as a person and us as a company makes sustainable decisions.

noun: Sustainable means something that minimizes the use and/or waste of natural resources, including energy. We should also consider how we package them when shipping these pieces out.

How And What Makes Sustainable Gold Jewellery-

Sustainable practices make good buying sense, socially and economically

1. Jewellery is made with metals and gems that come from the ground or lab gowned. But fine Jewellery can be sustainable when we recycle metals like gold, silver, copper, and brass for jewellery design, it removes the need to mine them from raw materials. Recycling is an easy way to avoid contamination of water sources and deforestation that can happen with localized mining techniques.

2. Synthetic stones use less water and energy. They also make a smaller carbon footprint. Synthetic diamonds can be made in less time than real mined diamonds, which take months to create.

3. Ethical sourcing of gemstones is essential. Eco-friendly practices should be extended to humanity as well. Gemstones and diamonds are beautiful, but what is the difference between an ethically sourced gemstone or diamond? Let’s think more about this question. When you are thinking about sustainability, we need to think about how it affects both the environment and humans. The stones need to come from somewhere that is not hurting the environment or people.

4. By buying gold jewellery made from recycled materials, it reduces the need to mine more gold out of the earth. That’s why we work with artisan and other partners who are transparent in sourcing practices, use sustainable materials and have a minimal environmental impact. Plus, they don’t support conflict or abuse on any level – including fair wages for employees and safer working environments.

Recycle your old gold jewellery with us to make it sustainable. We recycle old jewellery that can’t be worn anymore but we like to think you can and pass it on to generations – however, we will do this by melting the materials down and then casting them into new gold, recycling ; email us at [email protected] to learn more.

Go 'green' with your solid gold jewellery at Auric

Shopping consciously has become a popular trend, and we join in with this. That’s why we make equality a priority by having prices that are affordable while promoting sustainability!

Shop our 18ct solid gold sustainable pieces that are both fashionable and environmentally.

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