Will You Be My Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Finding just the right thank you gift for your bridesmaids can be a difficult task. The Be My Bridesmaid range by Auric Jewellery means you can give them jewellery which is both stylish and classic enough to be worn again and again. Our intricate collection of 18ct gold bracelets, pendants and necklaces are perfect for any bride who wants their maid of honour, bridesmaids or mum to wear something stylish that they will actually want to wear on the day.

Will you be my bridesmaid gift ideas?

Our collection of bridesmaid gift ideas includes bracelets its curated season after season to bring you jewellery that is not only beautiful, but also on-trend. You can never go wrong with the accessories that are worn a lot, especially jewellery that will pay tribute to your closest friends on your big day – after all you are the bride with a statement. The 18ct solid gold collection of our women’s gold bracelets are sleek and straight-forward, and exudes luxury without being too over the top.

Along with chain bracelet, consider cuff bangles – they are so simple and effortless, we have handpicked Signature sterling silver bangles in rose, white or gold- the type of bracelet that they can wear with anything, never take off, and it will represent a really nice memory especially the one which ‘will u be my bridesmaid’. There is beauty in simplicity.

Gold Chain Bracelets
  • Auric Rose Gold Silver Thin Hinged Bangle
  • 18ct Gold Chain Bracelet
Bridesmaid ideas who are minimalist Necklaces

Bridesmaid message in the right direction

When it comes to gifting ideas for bridesmaids, there are a few guidelines that are important to follow. Gifting Necklaces tend to be the ideal go-to because they are timeless and also functional. We personally love the gold necklace jewellery for its combination of trendy shapes and interesting materials. Choose a dainty yellow gold pendant necklace which goes sets the perfect message and a great gift to give your bridesmaids as you all explore the city before your wedding day.

  • Pearl Square 18ct Gold Pendant Necklace
  • Noemi Mini Circle 18ct Gold Pendant Necklace
  • Gia 18ct Yellow Gold Bezel Necklace
  • Gia Ashley 18ct Gold Pendant Necklace
Bridesmaid dainty yellow gold pendant necklace

Bridesmaid gifts who are minimalist

Add a chic, minimalist touch to their outfit with our gold jewellery range. With a 18ct solid gold finish, the collection features gold jewellery pieces that are designed to be viewed from all angles, so they stand alone without mixing patterns or textures during the day. The jewellery pieces are delicate yet still make a bold statement suited to every wardrobe and occasion – especially if you know your bridesmaid is minimalist girl. 

Choose one ideal piece that speaks to her and you of course, so she wears it as a precise accent to their monochromatic palette. We suggest you should select a pair of delicate small studs’ earrings or a gold pendant chain necklace that won’t touch anything else they’re wearing for your minimalist bridesmaids’ gift.

  • Gia 18ct Yellow Gold Ball Pendant
  • Noemi Key Pendant in Yellow 18ct Gold
  • Daisy Flower 18ct Yellow Gold Pendant Charm
  • Gia 18ct Yellow Gold Dainty Opal Pendant

‘Be my bridesmaid’ gifts tied in a box with a knot

We wouldn’t simply let you tie the knot with anything less than Our ‘Gold Knot Stud Earrings’ are a simple way to say thank you without saying a word. Delicate yet beautiful, let it be the perfect reminder of your appreciation for all of her hard work leading up to your special day. These earrings are crafted in solid gold making them a truly precious gift.

Will you be my bridesmaid gift ideas
Bridesmaid Jewellery Gift Ideas Wrap

Bridesmaid Jewellery Gift Ideas Wrap

We break three pieces gifting your bridesmaid or bride of honour but not forgetting you can gift yourself too.

Gold Stud Earrings – Hoops are a jewellery essential: no matter what your or their style, they can be worn with anything and instantly update your look. We love the 18k gold Bold Hoops for a night out in the city with the girls—the lightweight design won’t weigh down your ears or your bridesmaid and they’re a great size for wearing multiple at once.

Fine Gold Necklaces – The Heart Pendant chain gold necklace is the perfect addition to your or theirs everyday jewellery wardrobe. The piece is stylish enough to wear alone, but light enough that you can layer them with nearly anything you own after.

Gold Chain Bracelets – Our pieces are so easy to wear, you can switch up your style throughout the day depending on the kind of mood you’re in. Our Chain Bracelet is one of those pieces. It’s a little bit classic, a little bit edgy… a little bit everything. Wear it solo for easy, everyday glamour or stack it up for some extra style points. We are sure even if you pick one for your big day, it will compliment your look.

Our jewellery is designed to last forever, with modern minimalism that isn’t afraid to make a statement. We believe minimalism is about getting the essence of a thing, and applying that approach to all aspects of our jewellery. From one solid block in a minimalist earring, minimalist pendants that show the joy of uncut gems, and modern necklaces influenced by our culture, approachable fine jewellery for everyone.

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