What Does Evil Eye Jewellery Mean?

What is Evil Eye Jewellery UK?

Learn about the significance of the Evil Eye Jewellery, how to put them to use for good luck, and what it means. Discover how ancient symbols of protection have influenced women’s jewellery designs, including bracelets, earrings, and necklaces.

The evil eye jewellery in the UK is a form of jewellery with blue and white as its main colours. It also contains citrine gems and pearls on occasion. A piece of blue evil eye jewellery is worn, which helps to protect you against evil spirits, the eye also known as the lucky eye. There are numerous different meanings of the evil eye, depending on where it is from and who it represents. It also signifies a person’s strength, power, and resolve.

Why do women wear evil eye jewellery?

The trend for Evil jewellery is forever, especially necklaces and bracelets for women. With minimalist in mind, gold necklaces designed by Auric Jewellery is very popular amongst new mums and new brides. At the same time, a yellow chain bracelet with gemstone detailing is a popular pick- the lucky eye is a sign of good luck and beauty.

The most popular jewellery pieces are yellow gold, especially made with 18k real gold, as solid gold is seen as a good luck charm.


What colours are in evil eye jewellery?

Blue and White the most important colours that you can find in the evil eye jewellery collection. Most of the blue or turquoise and white style is seen in jewellery pieces with an Aztec or modern design pattern. The tiny evil eye is the most popular as it is small enough to be worn all the time without much notice.


Which 18ct Gold Evil Eye Necklace and Gold Bracelet to choose for her?

We have designed two types of evil eye jewellery pieces in 18 carat solid for women.

The matching necklace and bracelet are included in our first design. The gold evil eye necklace has a tiny solid gold button in the centre and an evil eye gemstone on gold on one side, and it is made of solid yellow gold on an 18inch adjustable gold chain. The 7.5inch golden evil eye charm chain bracelet has adjustable links with eye and evil eye gemstone in the same detail.

The second design features an 18-carat evil eye bracelet chain that may be worn on its own or with other necklaces and bracelets. This fine chain is made of yellow gold and has a tiny blue and white evil eye on the side, including a gold leaf charm in the middle of the adjustable 19cm bracelet.

How to style designer Evil eye Jewellery with other pieces?

Yellow gold jewellery can be easily styled with other pieces to create an elegant look. A teardrop pearl necklace is an ideal choice as it complements the gold jewellery.

An evil eye necklace can also be worn with other gold jewellery pieces such as long gold pendant chain necklaces, bangles and hoop earrings to create an elegant look.
Wearing bracelets on the left-hand side is popular because it is near to your heart.

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