Gold Turquoise Jewellery

  • 18ct Yellow Gold Turquoise Circle Pendant Necklace18ct Yellow Gold Turquoise Circle Pendant Necklace
  • Aria Turquoise 18ct Gold Cuff Bracelet18ct Yellow Gold Cuff Bracelet
  • Aria 18ct Yellow Gold Love Heart BraceletAria Galaxy 18ct Yellow Gold Chain Bracelet
  • 18ct Gold Turquoise Pendant NecklacePersonalised -Friendship written in the stars with Gold

Create a truly timeless piece for all-day wear, and for all-time. Wear the Gold and Turquoise pieces alone or combine them with other pieces for a spectacular stack.

Why Choose Turquoise Gemstone Jewellery?

Turquoise and Gold together have had a wow eye appeal. Turquoise offsets with gold hence making jewellery pieces stand out from any corner of the room. Infused with colour the gemstone is the oldest stone in history. The gemstone is the symbolic colour around the world for its characteristics – providing protection and soothing energy is said to reduce tension and anxiety.

So being playful with our jewellery we have designed our bracelets, necklaces and forgetting small gold earrings which can be worn every day – combining gold evil eye charms, 18 carat solid gold chain bracelet and small turquoise gemstones. Style your bracelet or yellow gold necklaces in different ways, something as effortless as a summer holiday itself – so it is for a perfect lazing on the beach by day or sipping sangria in the town square by night.

Our guides are a perfect read if you would love to learn why we make our jewellery with pure solid gold or which gemstones we use in our jewellery.

 Turquoise Gemstone JewelleryTurquoise Gemstone Jewellery

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