About Auric Jewellery

a vision, and a natural love for precious metals

It’s all in the name

Auric simply means something containing or derived from pure gold.

Gold is an essential element of all our jewellery pieces and we are on a mission to bring you jewellery made only from real gold. Always.

Our Founder and her vision

Sonika’s vision is for the real women of the modern world. Love for precious metals grew when she married her husband Aj, all she heard was gold is a great investment.  Aj has been surrounded by 24ct pure gold from the day he was born and he got Sonika in love with the yellow shiny material known as 24ct Gold, purest form of gold.

Noticing a gap in the 21st century for pure gold jewellery lead her to curate fine jewellery in 18ct Gold-containing pure gold; durable for everyday wear and tear without the mark-ups.    

The vision for Auric Jewellery is to educate the present and future you what pure gold jewellery holds.

Our Designs

All our pieces start from the sketch pad before we turn them into gold jewellery for you.

Our gold bracelets, necklaces, earrings and chains designs takes you into vision first. We ensure that we create pieces for the real and everyday lives of our women. 

Our Gold

Our fine jewellery pieces are made from ethical recycled gold which we buy directly from the mints and have this turned this into 18ct Yellow gold, rose gold and white gold jewellery to make sure you get the best out the jewellery you like to wear every day.

Our Prices

It is simple and pure as Auric is, fine jewellery without the middle man and crazy markups.

Our collaboration

We have collaborated with different artisans, suppliers, and mints from around the globe, sourcing the most ethical materials and bringing you fine jewellery in 18ct Gold. Our collaborations also extend to local causes close to our heart and local businesses to add value through our work.