About Auric Jewellery

a vision, and a natural love for precious metals

It all started to be extraordinary – because I like to do the unusual – Sustainability and ethics are important to you, so I thought about how we (artisans/team/everyone else in between)  could make sure the jewellery which you wear reflects those values. I made it simple and transparent from the start of our process – OUR GOLD – only comes from LBMA approved mints, ensuring that our jewellery is conflict-free.

So what else makes my journey with you different? All Jewellery is made from 18-carat solid gold – no discolouration or tarnishing. This means that each piece of jewellery is very durable and will not wear down over time. You’ve probably heard about the lady who was reunited with her wedding ring, which she misplaced in a potato field on the Western Isles 50 years ago*. Despite having been buried for so long, the 18ct yellow gold jewellery was flawless – gleaming in its golden-yellow hue.

Love for precious metals created Auric Jewellery with one simple goal in mind: to create luxury with meaning. 

 Combining precious metals, along with the opportunity to collaborate with artisans, suppliers and manufacturers all over the world who value sustainability –  created fine luxury pieces of jewellery that you can feel good about wearing no matter where and when.

Auric = solid gold
Auric means something derived from solid gold. At Auric jewellery simplicity with sophistication is the key. In the way we live, in the things we do, and how they make us feel. That's why we focus on what matters most: your story. We want you to tell it through gold jewellery - and the one that lasts a lifetime.

“Collecting fine jewellery is about adding to, not finishing a collection “

Sonika – Founder; Creative Director

Our Jewellery Designs
Our vision is to make jewellery that women can wear every day. We begin by creating sketches of our jewellery designs. We turn these fine details into beautiful 18ct solid gold pieces of jewellery for you to wear any time

Our Solid Gold

We care about the environment that is why we make our jewellery with ethical recycled gold. We get our pure gold from LBMA-approved mints, which allows us to create solid yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold jewellery for you.
Our Prices ​
Our prices are simple and pure as our gold. That's why we have do not have middlemen and sky-high prices- it's simple as that. Every piece of jewellery gets hallmarked for its fineness at the Birmingham Assay Office, in the UK

*Source BBC

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