New Arrivals

Do you love adding fine Jewellery to your collection? At Auric Jewellery we regularly add Fine 18ct Gold and Sterling Silver Jewellery pieces to our collection. Treat yourself or a loved one with something new, whether it’s for a special occasion or a little treat for yourself, we will definitely have something for you to cherish.

We are excited to share our new Summer Collections with you! Choose from our Signature Serena, Cali, Gia or Infinity Collection and we are sure you will be mesmerised.

Our newest additions feature the latest styles and celebrate colours of the season. Handcrafted to perfection, you can easily find what you are looking for a wedding, anniversary, a girl’s night out or a birthday party. Check out our newest braceletsnecklacesearrings and pendants to complement your outfit and looks.

Rose Gold

Rose Gold came to the world of fashion as a one-off colour however with its subtle tones and versatility it has become one of the most popular colour shades we have seen for decades. From Jewellery to phone accessories, handbags or t-shirts there is nothing you cannot find in rose gold, what started as a one-off trend, Rose Gold is sure to stay here as a sought after colour. Learn more about Rose Gold.

Our exclusive collection of beautiful 18ct Gold and Sterling Silver Rose Gold Jewellery offers a range of styles to allowing you to express your uniqueness. Shop Rose Gold Jewellery pieces to complement virtually any outfit.

Rose Gold jewellery in 18ct
Auric Jewellery new Cali Collection

White Gold

White Gold has become a synonym to Gold and it is the finish of choice for various special occasion jewellery like Engagement and Wedding Rings. Looking for White Gold Jewellery that turns heads? Explore our 18ct White Gold Jewellery Collection here and be surprised. One of our favourite piece in 18ct White Gold Jewellery collection is Auric Gia Peardrop 18ct White Gold Drop Earrings. The Peardrop represents a symbol of simplicity, combined with cubic zirconia the earrings lend an aura of purity and minimalist style.

Yellow Gold

In its original and purest form Gold has a natural yellow colour. Gold with its unbelievable radiance and brightness has fascinated us for centuries and still continue to fascinate us with its agility and ability as a metal loved by both young and old. At Auric Jewellery we are continuing this fascination for Yellow Gold with our 18ct Yellow Gold Jewellery. Be it engagement rings, bracelets, pendants, earrings or necklaces, Yellow Gold Jewellery never goes out of fashion. Gold paved with gemstones and diamonds creates a combination suitable for Princesses and fairies.

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