Metal Guide

Yellow Gold Precious Metal

Real Or Solid Gold – Yellow Gold - 9,14,18, 22 or 24 Carat Gold

Gold, known by its various names, is the most dominated precious metal in the world. In its original colour it’s a bright, slightly reddish yellow, dense, soft, malleable, and ductile metal.

Gold’s finesse is measured in carats (ct), in its purest form Gold is referred to as 24ct or 99.99%  pure gold.

Gold has various uses including investment and jewellery. It is combined with other harder alloy metals to make it more durable for jewellery and get different colour tones.

White Gold - 9ct, 14ct OR 18 Carat

White gold is an alloy of gold and at least one white metal (usually manganese, palladium or nickel). These alloys when mixed in a predefined proportion give Gold a lighter colour. The bright and sparkly finish for White Gold Jewellery comes from a bright silver coloured metal called Rhodium.

Over the years’ White Gold has become a synonym to Gold and it is the metal of choice for various special occasion jewellery.

White Gold Precious Metal
Rose Gold Precious Metal

Rose Gold - 9ct, 14ct OR 18 Carat

Rose gold is a mixture of yellow gold, copper and silver to give its sparkly light pinkish colour. Started only as a one-off fashion trend, rose gold quickly became one of the most loved finish, a trend which is here to stay with us for some time.



Sterling Silver - 925 Silver

One of the most popular and affordable precious metals in the 21st Century. With its precious metal characteristics and affordability, this metal is used widely in the fast-moving jewellery industry and silverware.



Sterling Silver
Gold Vermeil

Gold Vermeil - 10-24 Carat Gold

Vermeil (French for silver and pronounced as Vur-May) refers to a variety of gold-coated metals. Gold Vermeil is essentially 925 sterling silver which has been skilfully plated with a thick layer of 10-24 carat gold minimum of 2.5 microns of gold, allowing for more affordable jewellery than solid gold. The biggest difference in Gold plated and Gold vermeil jewellery is that in gold plated jewellery the base metal is either steel or brass whereas in gold vermeil the base metal is sterling silver.

Platinum - PT 900 OR 950

Platinum is a metal which is 40% more denser, stronger and heavier than gold. It is naturally white & resistant to tarnish. Platinum is an important industrial commodity however due to its shine and hard wearing nature it is commonly used for wedding rings and bands. Around 80% of the world’s platinum comes from South Africa. A fineness of .9995 is considered pure platinum.

Sterling Silver
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