How To Style Solid Gold Bracelets

Buying a solid gold bracelets depends on the carat which you go for. The higher the carat the far more valuable gold would be. The add-on of various other metals (alloys) to gold is combined to increase the strength and also solidity of the gold. Other reasons to use other alloys are to adjust the colour i.e. white gold (palladium as well as silver) and rose gold (copper)

Stacking 18ct Solid Gold Bracelet

It is all in the name when it comes to stacking bracelets – mixing up many different textures and materials that can be worn on top of each other.

When choosing to stack together 18ct solid gold bracelets look to make it personal. Choose designs which stand out to you rather than what others may like. After all your personality will speak out for itself.

Look at our Aria solid gold Bracelet set for example, has a breath-taking turquoise gemstone this touch of colour means the stack will certainly adorn your wonderful personality while remaining true to the gentle appearance in which stacking bracelets have.

18ct Yellow Gold Bracelet Butterfly
Auric Jewellery new Cali Collection

Mix Shapes By Adding Solid Gold Bangles

Mixing metals is great away to stack bracelets although have you ever considered mixing shapes to create a subtle look? If you love testing the waters then headfirst into bolder pieces with our open solid gold bracelet cuffs they are fabulous when you want stack high (plus they’re quick to change up) or why not try mixing a silver hinged bangle with a gold one?

Be Creative And Solid Gold Charm Bracelet

Get creative by adding solid gold bracelet charms to your bracelet stack. Our 18ct solid gold charm bracelets are adorned by using semi-precious gemstones and solid gold chains. The solid gold charms will surely be the eye catching piece in between the gold bracelet stack – sure to elevate your look.
Rose Gold Necklace Chain

Stacking bracelets will definitely open up an entire realm of possibility especially if you enjoy experimenting with various types of shapes and colours. You can easily go solo someday with silver and even stack them up the next with rose & yellow gold. You’ll soon begin to see what colours compliment your style, allowing you to make your very own signature appeal.

Edit and mix your bracelet stack to perfectly suit your style and swaying this season’s layering trend.

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