Jewellery Guide for the perplexed

What’s the right jewellery for your style this season- guide for the perplexed. So, if you are looking for glamorous, chic, bold or your style is artsy then we have surely got you covered in this lockdown. Whether is a chat over Zoom, FaceTime or Instagram video call.

Earrings, necklaces, chokers or bracelets not forgetting stud earrings and long chain necklaces will make any outfit pop in a group chat or catching up your favourite on one to one.

If your style is glamorous....

The glamorous is showing your classy side without being obvious. Choosing the right level of glamour is learning art of balancing between size and shapes. Stack up with minimalist 18 carat box chain or yellow gold wheat chain. Layer and style with long rose gold necklace or delicate bracelets mixing shades of metal with your glamorous style is sure to get you noticed in the insta video chat with your friends and family.

Jewellery Gifts Under £250
Auric Jewellery Signature 18ct Gold Jewellery Collection

If your style is Artsy....

Stacking is skills of the artsy, mixing size and shape in yellow gold and rose gold- surely make you stand out. Our Gia Collection  has subtle way to telegraph a free-spirited attitude. The flower bracelets, drop hexagon earrings and bezel gold necklace convey a warm, simple vibe, while still feeling polished.

If your style is Bold....

If finding the perfect block pleated dress or yellow t-shirt makes your heart sing, then the Auric Signature Collection brings an on-point note of energy to your wardrobe of considered staples. Buy-now, wear-forever pieces in solid gold, stud earrings and the necklaces which come in sterling silver or solid 18ct gold the glowing quality of the handcrafted metal pieces will highlight the luxury feel of the fabrics worn with. 

Bold gold Jewellery
18ct gold jewellery

If your style is Chic....

Choose one ideal piece that speaks to you and wear it as a precise accent to your minimalist chic palette should be by selecting a pair of stud earrings or a long fine chain that won’t touch anything else they’re wearing. The Noemi pieces are designed to be viewed from all angles which is key for minimalist chic because your jewellery takes stage, unobscured by frills or prints.

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