Gift Guide: January Birthday Gifts

January Birthday Gift

Birthstone: Garnet

Star Sign: Capricorn 22nd December – 19th January / Aquarius 20th January – 18th February

Traits: Sensitive and ambitious.

Treat yourself or a loved one this month to January’s picturesque birthstone, the garnet. Treat yourself, or the woman in your life, with the beautiful deep-red stone to boost energy levels and finish any look with pure sophistication.

Choose a gift that radiates refinement and feels utterly luxurious for the woman in your life.


Are you a hard-working Capricorn or an inventive Aquarius?

Whichever zodiac sign you fall under, make sure you mark your birthday month with a meaningful piece of jewellery. So, whether it’s your 18th birthday or your 30th birthday, rejoice the occasion with a timeless piece from the 18ct Rose Gold and Infinity collection and show your simple but elegant style.

Adding a rich droplet of colour to any outfit, the garnet is the perfect party piece to stand out this month.
Gorgeous Garnet


The garnet has a beautiful lustrous radiance, which makes it one of the most stunning gem stones that you will ever see.

Garnet is the stone to keep close if you want to accomplish or regain your balance, feel safe and shielded and harness your inner strength. It is said to encourage self-empowerment, garnet stone is the perfect gift to start the new year’s first new month on an energetic positive feeling, beautiful and eager to take on the brand-new year. With the strong vibe it gives, stone’s rich colour is ideal for styling every season of the year, so you can continue to wear the jewellery all-year around. 

Make someone feel truly special on their birthday and spoil them with a piece of jewellery that they will treasure for years to come.



January girls are very romantic and absolutely love being surprised, so to make them feel loved with a garnet birthstone gift this year.

To make it really special and personal treat them with a necklace or a bracelet from our 18ct Rose Gold, yellow gold collection, and they are sure to remember you when they wear they beautiful jewellery piece.

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