Friendship Bracelets Upgraded In Gold

Best friends’ bracelet are back (well they just got upgraded). Immediately conjuring up nostalgic images of childhood, and summers well spent creating multi-coloured friendship bracelets for the most important people in our lives, these precious items of jewellery always put a smile on our faces. Summer 2021 has seen the return of these childhood wonders, but of course they’ve undergone something of a transformation since we last saw them.

The friendship bracelets of 2021 aren’t clumsily crafted from tied up string, of course. Instead, this year has offered a new take on the age-old tradition with 21st century trend, with friendship bracelets designed by some of the most creative minds on the jewellery scene. Look out for friendship bracelets made with precious metals (18ct Solid gold- with you and your bf in mind), and a whole range of different colours and styles to whet your appetite.

At Auric Jewellery, you’ll find a stunning selection of different friendship bracelets whether you are gifting her on birthday or just looking for gift ideas. Our new collection offers a wide array of bracelet styles, so you’ll definitely find a way to join this trend. Our collection of friendship bracelets are made in 18ct Gold, with options in Yellow Gold, Rose Gold and White Gold. So, whether you’re a 18ct yellow gold devotee, you like to keep things simple in white gold or rose gold always catches your eye, you’ll definitely find something to suit you and her of course.

Thinking Of What Should You Gift Your Girl Bestie For Her Birthday-​

Thinking of what should you gift your girl bestie for her birthday?

We love classic jewellery that focuses on fine quality precious metals, but we also always have time for new takes on tradition. Some of our favourite friendship bracelets for 2021 put pops of colour on centre stage, with gemstones and pearls embezzlements taking your friendship bracelets design to the next level. We are sure these gorgoues pieces are sure to spoil your bestie on her birthday.

Embrace the friendship bracelet trend with a beautiful 18ct gold string chain bracelet Aria Blue Cluster 18ct Gold Chain Bracelet. This must-have piece is made with globes of turquoise gemstones, and looks fantastic when styled for summer. The bracelet can be dressed up or down, but we love it as an everyday friendship bracelet especially with the checkboard gemstones. And if turquoise is your colour, don’t miss out on the 18ct yellow gold cuff bracelet. This new take on a friendship bracelet also makes full use of the stunning blue hues of turquoise. Set against the mirrored round solid gold beads of the bracelet, it’s a sensational look that’s made for summer evenings.

Emeralds are another perfect pairing for 18ct yellow gold bracelets, and this gemstone also makes a great choice for friendship bracelets. The Maya Maw Flower 18ct Gold Chain Bracelet nods to two 2021 trends at once, with a celestial emerald shape attached to one of our top gold chain bracelets.

An Eternity of Women’s Friendship Bracelet ​

An Eternity of Women’s Friendship Bracelet

The infinity symbol is often used in romantic pieces, but it can also be a fantastic symbol of friendship with sentimental value. Who said infinity is just for valentines? At Auric Jewellery, you’ll find a collection of pieces inspired by the idea of eternity, to gift your best girl. Some of our most popular pieces that put the infinity symbol on show are the beautifully decorative Cali Rose Infinity 18ct Rose Gold Chain Bracelet and the simple, classic Infinity 18ct Gold Chain Bracelet. Browse our full infinity collection to see the full range of eternity-inspired women’s friendship bracelets, and you just might find the piece you’ve been looking for.

Personalised -Friendship written in the stars with Gold

Personalised -Friendship written in the stars with Gold

Like infinity-inspired jewellery, stars are another timeless and ever-popular addition to many 18ct fine jewellery piece. Personalisation does not just mean engraving but choosing a bracelet which represents your friend and you. That’s why our range includes yellow gold friendship bracelets adorned in the finest celestial decorations, that never fails to catch the light and capture our imaginations. A particular favourite is our Noemi Stars 18ct Gold Chain Bracelet, which pairs two gold chains to create a contemporary, luxurious look that’s made to be worn every day. Look out for more stunning starry women’s gold bracelets at Auric Jewellery, and enjoy a new way of embracing the friendship bracelet phenomenon.

Styling friendship bracelets for everyday

Styling friendship bracelets for everyday

One of the reasons that friendship bracelets are so popular is that they’re remarkably easy to style. These simple, delicate chains of 18ct solid Yellow, White or Rose Gold always make a statement without overpowering an outfit.

If you’d like to create more of an impact, you can always stack friendship bracelets with other bangles and cuffs. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a more subtle, delicate look, we suggest that you opt for a single chain friendship bracelet that complements your other jewellery pieces perfectly. Make sure you share your friendship bracelet looks with us – capture an image and tag us on Instagram. We love to see how our customers style their Auric Jewellery pieces. Shop 18ct gold bracelets to spoil your bestfriend. 


Best Friendship Bracelet to gift

Best Friendship bracelets are a phenomenon in the jewellery world, and with summer just around the corner they’re set to become even more popular in the coming weeks. Get ahead of the trend by choosing your own sophisticated, stylish friendship bracelet and embrace this new take on a childhood favourite. With so many styles and colours to choose from, the only difficult part will be deciding which bracelet to wear first.

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