18ct Pure gold

18ct Pure Gold

The Love of 18ct Gold

Pure Gold has been centre of humankind and stories it leaves behind. Gold has been around for centuries and the magic of pure gold is in its value and the beauty of its shine. Gold was first found at surface level near rivers of Asia, its name originated from Latin Aurum. 

Pure gold is made up of twenty-four parts and each proportion of its purity is referred in Carats.

 weighed in troy ounces being equivalent to 31.103478 grams, the world trades gold on dollar terms. Gold is referred to as carats, ct, K or Kt and mostly made in 24ct, 18ct, 14ct or 9ct. 24 carat contains 24 parts of pure gold, pure gold only comes in 24 parts. 18 ct gold contains 18 parts of pure gold sometimes referred to 750.

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18ct gold is alloyed with six parts that are composed of other metals which include 925 silver or copper. 14ct gold contains 14 parts of pure gold and 9ct gold contains 9 parts of pure gold. Adding additional metals has many benefits, when added to pure gold the additional metals make gold more durable, long-lasting and resistant to damage- which makes it perfect for jewellery. 

24ct gold is very soft on its own therefore it is unable to hold the shape of any fine detailing. 14ct gold and 9ct gold is harder, and more irrepressible, and embrace detailing well, however at that carat they miss the soft glow of pure gold. 


18ct gold hence is the perfect option to make jewellery from. The gorgeous eye-catching glow and the richness of pure gold counterparts makes it perfect for jewellery, allowing the pieces to be fashioned and detailed to hold shape and definition. Fine jewellery pieces made from 18ct Gold can be worn daily and are very durable. 18ct is Gold of heirloom pieces.

That’s why 99% of all Auric’s jewellery is made with 18ct gold, and of course it is in the name Auric ‘simply means something containing or derived from pure gold.’ the collections details designs which can be handled and worn every day by everyday women. Gold has a natural gorgeous colour which is playful and complements all skin tones. 

Auric’s has designed its Noemi Collection from abstract shapes. In hoops, 18ct gold hoops earrings are hand textured with croc finish.  Honeycomb 18ct gold pendant necklace has a delicately crafted hollow spiral shaped honeycomb pendant making it a focal point. Our Noemi O pendant crafted in light Deco hammer textured finish to make it look modern and contemporary, we would say it is the perfect O in 18ct gold. 

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