18ct Gold Hoop Earrings


Bold yet simple = 18ct yellow solid gold hoops – from twisted, boyfriend to Huggies in different shapes and sizes – they make a statement without saying a word… they’re always on-trend.

With 18 carat yellow gold earrings, your entire outfit is taken care of. They’re a timeless piece and an everyday staple, no matter the shape or size. Whatever your style preference—mini Huggies, real gold small hoop earrings or drop hoops with your favourite charm—you’ll find it at Auric: oval-shaped in one finish; square-shaped in another; round-shaped in yet another.

Real Gold Hoop Earrings For Women

 They are as classic and elegant as their name, choose Yellow Gold Twisted Creole Hoop Earrings along with dainty gold studs if you have multiple ear piercings. Both these styles complement each other moreover your outfit more. The edgy design is to pair with pairing them with a cute bun and denim jacket. Learn how to stack earrings with our style edit. 

What alloys do we use to make our Gold hoop earrings for Women?

All of our 18ct gold earrings are made from solid gold. We’re committed to slow fashion and believe that quality is never out of fashion. Pure 18kt gold, is 18 parts pure fine gold to 6 parts other alloys (which can be copper, manganese, palladium and/or silver), a hallmark of high quality.

Our fine jewellery is made to last with care. We source the finest materials from around the world and give careful thought to its making, for a product that can stand up to wear and tear in any environment. This is the very reason why we use ‘sustainable gold’ – you might be thinking ‘what makes gold sustainable’ read more here.

Learn in our complete guide about Huggie earrings to choose for yourself. 

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